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What We Do

At Talk Back Media, we offer custom media solutions

tailored to fit your personal needs, working closely with you

to create products that reflect your distinct brand.

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Why Custom Media?

Blending your clients' needs and desires for information with your sales and marketing goals, custom media can take the form of a magazine, Web site, e-zine, newsletter, or more. It’s sometimes labeled as content marketing, custom publishing, member media, or branded content, but essentially, it’s your message geared toward your audience.

Nearly three out of four people prefer to receive company information from a publication, rather than from an ad, reports a Roper Public Affairs & Media and Custom Publishing Council study. Custom media is a way to give customers exactly what they want—while increasing your bottom line.

Through content marketing, you can communicate with your current and prospective clients in a personal way without in-your-face selling or advertising. Offering your customers the valuable, high-quality information they crave is proven to increase company awareness and to improve customer loyalty.

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Some Custom Numbers

It's estimated that custom media improves brand loyalty by 32%. Association of Publishing Agencies (APA)

66% of consumers agree that when a company shows it cares enough to provide a publication, they consider purchasing its products or services again. Roper Public Affairs & Media and the Custom Publishing Council

62% of consumers say that after reading complimentary material, they often feel better about the company that provided it. Roper Public Affairs & Media and the Custom Publishing Council

85% of people believe that an ­organization should ­interact with its audience through social media

74% of people agree that if they’re going to receive information from a company, they’d prefer to get it in an interesting collection of articles, rather than in an ad.