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On Talk Back Media's list of necessities,

quality is right up there with food, oxygen, and coffee. Need proof?

Check out a sampling of past work below.

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Perryton CDC

Industry: Community Development
What We Did: Talk Back Media created an integrated marketing campaign that included a blog, Facebook, Twitter, student poster contest, and custom print magazine. We planned, created, and managed the blog and social media. We also planned and managed the poster contest, which encouraged the community to visit the blog to vote for their favorite posters. In addition, we provided turnkey publishing services for the print magazine. As a result, traffic to client-affiliated sites is 14 times higher than prior to the campaign’s launch. Blog readers view an average of three posts per visit, and on average, there are 17 Facebook fan interactions per week. As a direct result of the campaign, the Perryton CDC has received coverage 10 times from local radio stations, newspapers, and news sites.

Canyon Creek Soap Company

Industry: Health and Beauty

Cete Software

Industry: Technology
Talk Back Media created a multiple-ad campaign centered on big, bold headlines that communicate the software product’s benefits. The ads’ attention-grabbing colors are consistent with the client’s branding. To incorporate a tech feel and to target the audience of programmers and IT professionals, the ads’ backgrounds are comprised of .net code.

Art Attacks

Industry: Nonprofit
What We Did: As part of the Art Council’s Art Attacks, a marketing campaign to promote the organization’s new community events site, Talk Back Media designed and programmed a blog. Special programming included a content management system, online voting, and e-mail address capture.

Ovation Health and Life

Industry: Healthcare/Insurance
What We Did: To aid the client’s marketing efforts, Talk Back Media created brochures, print marketing, an e-mail blast, and tradeshow signage. To target the client’s three separate audiences while keeping down printing costs, we designed a unique brochure with a back pocket. The heavyweight main piece included company information that applies to all the client’s audiences. Three one-page informational sheets target each audience, so the client can include in the brochure’s pocket whichever sheet or sheets apply to the audience.

West Texas A&M Incubation Works

Industry: Business Development
What We Did: Talk Back Media redesigned and reorganized the client’s website, incorporating requested chicken and egg branding to represent the client’s business incubation services. Special programming included an easy-to-use content management system, so the client’s interns can update the site without knowing html code.

Melanie Auld

Industry: Fashion/Retail
What We Did: Talk Back Media designed a lookbook showcasing the client’s collection of high-end handbags. We provided production management and designed and edited the book, which featured product information and styled photos. Metallic ink on the book’s cover reinforced the high-end branding. Slots in the back cover allowed the client to insert sales representatives’ business cards in the books when marketing the line to retailers.

Phillips May Corporation

Industry: Shelter
Objective: Talk Back Media redesigned the construction company’s logo and website. The site showcases the client’s services and past projects, and it includes a content management system for the client to update its projects over time.

Watonga Cheese Factory

Industry: Food/Retail
What We Did: To promote the client’s new location, Talk Back Media planned, designed, and wrote a print magazine that told about the company and its 70-year history. Through the articles, we showed that although the factory’s location changed, it still maintained the same commitment to quality. After completing the print marketing piece, we also designed a brochure, as well as environmental marketing and signage for the factory’s retail store.

Levelland Covenant Hospital

Industry: Healthcare
What We Did: To help the hospital communicate and connect with its community, Talk Back Media provides Facebook management. We stay in contact with the client’s marketing director who updates us on hospital events, which we post on the client’s fan page. We also share health-related articles on the page and interact with fans.

Dallas Design Group

What We Did: Talk Back Media redesigned the interior design company’s website, providing an updated, clean look. Specialized programming allowed animation with added benefits of search engine optimization. We also included an easy-to-update content management system, so the client can modify and add to the site’s text.

Dr. Carrie Morris

Industry: Healthcare
Objective: Talk Back Media designed a website with information about the OB/GYN’s practice; the site also included downloadable patient forms for added patient convenience. To increase awareness of the client’s practice, we created a magazine advertising campaign to run in a niche magazine. To support the website and ad’s design, we directed a custom photo shoot. Since the campaign’s launch, the client has seen a 35 percent increase in the number of new patients requesting appointments.

Recent Projects