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content⋅ mar⋅ket⋅ing (kon-tent mahr-ki-ting) n.

1. using, print, digital or social media to deliver valuable, compelling information your customers need to know.

2. an effective way to increase company awareness and hold onto your best customer.

talk back me⋅di⋅a (tawk bak mee-dee-uh) n.

1. a full-service content marketing and social media company.

2. your source for success.

compelling content
rewarding results

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Your marketing defines your brand, molding and shaping people's opinions of your company and its offerings.

Don't like the definition yours is throwing out there? Let us help create your message and communicate with

your customers. From Web sites to custom magazines and from social media management to

marketing strategy, we do it all. And we do it well. See what we can do for you.

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Latest News

Amarillo Care Products' Rebrand Attracts Attention from Regional Supermarket.

Following a rebrand and packagaing overhaul by Talk Back Media, Canyon Creek Soap Company's all-natural personal care products will be carried in all Market Street United supermarkets.

Hospital Signs on for Another Year of Social Media Management.

Building on the success achieved thus far, a Texas-based hospital recently renewed its agreement with Talk Back Media for Facebook management.

Dumas EDC Taps Talk Back Media to Intergrate Print and Online Marketing.

Dumas Economic Development Corporation is looking to TBM to recreate its print mareting and to launch a weekly blog promoting its primary industries